Shikigami no Shiro Soundtrack The Best (式神の城 サウンドトラック・ザ・ベスト) is a arranged soundtrack release, featuring music from all the three main titles in the Shikigami no Shiro series. The arrangements were done by Shinji Hosoe, best known for his work on Namco and CAVE.

The soundtrack's cover art shows Kohtaro Kuga in his Shikigami no Shiro outfit (minus the jacket) and the outfits of the series' other playable characters, excluding Munchausen and Tagami's outfits and including a costume based on Neko, Niigi Gorgeous Blue's cat.


  1. Strange Ability User Selection
  2. July 23rd - 0 Hours 12 Min
  3. July 23rd - 12 Hours 9 Min
  4. July 23rd - 18 Hours 35 Min
  5. July 23rd - 23 Hours 5 Min
  6. Theme of Shikigami
  7. universe
  8. menace
  9. gale
  10. chaos
  11. fate
  12. final
  13. metempsychosis
  14. In the Heavens
  15. An Obstacle
  16. Arrow
  17. Low Drive
  18. Opalescence
  19. In to a Core
  20. Phases of the Moon
  21. flying (FROM Shikigami no Shiro II)