Name Sayo Yuuki
Gender Female
Birthdate June 5th, 1989
Blood Type O
Height 156 cm
Weight 42 kg
First Appearance Shikigami no Shiro
Role Protagonist, Supporting character
Voice Actor (JP) Yui Horie (II)

Ayako Kawasumi (Nanayozuki Gensoukyoku, III)

Voice Actor (EN) Unknown (II)

Karen Chesterton (III)

Sayo Yuuki (結城 小夜 Yuuki Sayo) is a major character in the Shikigami no Shiro series. She appears as a playable character in Shikigami no Shiro and Shikigami no Shiro II. In Shikigami no Shiro III, she however, died and merged with Kohtaro Kuga's shikigami, Sazae.

In the games were she was playable, her normal attack was to fire an series of multi-directional cards, with the middle rows becoming red during High Tension. In her shikigami attack, she uses a "light raven god" named Yata which circles around her, while her bomb was a screen-kill attack.



Shikigami no ShiroEdit

A Shinto shrine maiden with designs on Kohtaro. Sayo appears to be investigating the murders at the request of another. She attacks with spiritual wards.

Shikigami no Shiro (Steam Version) Edit

Born into a family of shinto priests whose lineage can be traced back over 500 years, yuuki is a 16-year-old shrine maiden at Yonchounyotai shrine, who is the strongest wielder of divine power today.

Kept away from the world at large including school, she is a perfect example of the virtues of ancient Japan but is slightly out of touch with society at large. Using Yata, a 'light raven' god who dwells in the shrine archway, she is an expert at battling demons.

She arrives alone in Tokyo, having taken the train from the mountains of Hida at the behest of someone she couldn't refuse.

Shikigami no Shiro IIEdit

A shrine maiden from a strong religious home, she has never gone to school due to her upbringing. The new incidents have caused her to leave by train, and come to Tokyo. Sayo's special still consists of her raven familiar Yata. It can either attack in a wide, slow radius(shown) or with a narrower(and faster) one.

Shikigami no Shiro IIIEdit

Sayo Yuuki has taken the place of the deceased Sazae as Kohtaro Kuga's Shikigami, to save her own life. While Sayo's new look is the result of her taking Sazae's role, she can also be used with her original appearance from the earlier games.


Shikigami no Shiro IIEdit

Shikigami no Shiro IIIEdit

Sazae formEdit

Normal FormEdit

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