Name Fumiko Odette Van Stein
Gender Female
Birthdate April 29th, 1605
First Appearance Shikigami no Shiro
Role Protagonist

Fumiko Odette Van Stein ((ふみこ・オゼット・ヴァンシュタイン Fumiko Ozetto Vanshutain; often shortened to Fumiko OV Stein,) is a major recurring character in the Shikigami no Shiro series, debuting in the original Shikigami no Shiro.

Fumiko's basic attack is a stream of ice shards that are steerable by moving. Fumiko's shikigami attack is either causing an small explosion or creating an series of lightning that attacks enemies. Fumiko's bomb is an incredible screen-kill attack, which causes multiple explosions that cover the screen.

In Shikigami no Shiro II, an alternative form of Fumiko, known as Chibi Fumiko, was available.

Background Edit

Shikigami no Shiro Edit

A half-German half-Japanese witch. The rise of the Nazi Empire forced her family's movement to Japan, where she's resided ever since. Fumiko is also quite wealthy, and is usually accompanied by her butler, Munchausen. Munchausen's aerial bombings are the form of her special attack. He usually has a different costume with each appearance.

Shikigami no Shiro II Edit

The witch with the golden gun returns, and she still intends to marry Kohtaro. A German who migrated to Japan, she follows Kuga's trail to put a stop to the events before they can harm her would-be husband. Her Shikigami attack consists of orbital bombardments summoned by Munchausen, her butler. He can either bring down one massive blast, or a smaller assortment of five connected blasts.

Shikigami no Shiro III - Japanese Edit

御存知華麗なるあらゆる意味の魔女である。 シリーズ最大の悪役よりも悪役という噂のある人物である。 趣味は他人の男を奪うこと。次に蹂躙である。 今回は里帰りと蜜月旅行をかねて、アルカランドへやってくる。 ふみこにとってアルカランドは何回目かの少女時代を過ごした 思い出の土地である。 なつかしそうに辺りを見て、ちょっとメランコリックである。

Castle of Shikigami III - English Edit

A gorgeous witch, in many different ways.

She is said to be more of a villain than the greatest enemy in the series. Her hobby is to steal the men from other women. Her second hobby is trampling upon people.

She has arrived in Alcaland to return to her homeland - and go on a honeymoon.

For Fumiko, Alcaland is a memorable place she visited a number of times when she was a young girl. She looks around her surroundings with fond memories and can't help but feel melancholic.


  • The questionable translation of Shikigami no Shiro II seems to suggest she becomes friends with Niigi Gorgeous Blue; for example, telling Yukari simulataneously to "Shut your trap!", Fumiko actually seeming sad she might never see Niigi again, Niigi suggesting they meet again with their kids, and Fumiko saying she wouldn't mind having a daughter like Niigi.
  • She is (or was) rivals with Arala Cran, and also bickers with Yukari Horiguchi.
  • Freedom Wind was her stepmother, whom she killed, apparently over a man.
  • Despite the game's infamously bad voice acting, Fumiko's Shikigami no Shiro II voice actress is notable for pulling off a German accent on occasion.
  • Fumiko's Shikigami no Shiro III US voice actress, Valerie Hagar, also voices Tsukiko Johjima.


Shikigami no Shiro IIEdit

  • That's life. See you in Hell!
  • Twenty minutes left until Tokyo gets crushed. Twenty minutes, actually. Store info then jam!
  • You, get on top. I'll teach you.

Shikigami no Shiro IIIEdit

  • All the men in this world belong to me. You have some nerve thinking you're an exception.
  • Go ahead and try it, silly little girl.
  • I'm so happy that I'm crying. I finally get another chance to kill you.


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